Emergence Priestess Program

A Training in Sacred Group Facilitation & Feminine Leadership​

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EMERGENCE is the next evolution in women’s circles!  

It is time to go past holding the space and into igniting Sisters into RISING.

If you are ready to create dynamic and transformational work that opens the doors to deep remembrance, reclaiming, and restoring of truth, then this is the program for you.

The Mission of Emergence

➳ Self-knowing beyond fear and doubt ➳ Entering the Mystery and Magic of life for transformation ➳ Authentic expression and creation through the Divine Feminine Energy ➳ Dynamic leadership through the embodiment of your Soul’s Essence

This program prepares you to lead in alignment with your gifts, in connection to your truths, and with confidence from your heart!

Program Certifications

✯ Heroine’s Mystical Journey Work Facilitator ✯ Sacred Circle and Group Facilitator 

Content Areas

➳ Advanced Energy Work including Chakras ➳ Advanced Archetypes and Understanding Sacred Sight ➳ Feminine Leadership Principles ➳ Personal Transformation and Connection to Purpose ➳ Heroine’s Mystical Journey Work ➳ Mystical Spiral and Celtic Wheel ➳ Creating Circles and Building Community ➳ Ritual as the Bridge of the Inner and the Outer ➳ Soul Embodiment and Essence Connection

Additional Modules  

➳ Spirituality & Business with Guest Priestess Chenae Carey ➳ Sacred Dance and Temple Arts with Elisha ➳ Embodying Your Voice with Elisha and Guest Priestesses

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This program is for the woman interested in:  

Developing herself in the Contemporary Priestess Archetype  

Learning to lead Journey Work grounded in Soul  

Embodiment, principles of somatics, and neuroscience  

Deepening her walk in the Mystery through the Celtic and Rose lineages  

Emerging as a leader, builder, and creator of communities from the principles of the sacred feminine 

Program Includes:

➳ Monthly training ➳ Group Coaching and Mentorship Calls ➳ Advanced Training in Energy, Journey Work, Shamanic Principles and Meditation ➳ Leadership Training from Feminine principles of inclusion, community, and connection ➳ Training in content creation and delivery for sacred circles and group work ➳ Preparation to lead sacred group work in a manner that creates transformation in the participants in alignment to your Soul purpose and as your individual expression ➳ Weekly work of 3-6 hours (calls, practice sessions, reading, homework…) ➳ Intensive In-person Immersion in Dartmoor UK (Most food, all transfers, housing, materials included. Not included are flight and travel insurance). ➳ Private Facebook group ➳ A membership site for easy access to training and resources ➳ Opportunity to apply for mentorship, apprenticeships, and leading in Wildly Radiant work at the completion of the program

The Live Retreat at Summer Solstice is an integral part of the yearlong program. It is a time to experience Ceremony in the Ancient Landscapes of Dartmoor and Glastonbury

Basic Itinerary:  

June 20 Arrive to London by 9 am to Depart for Dartmoor  

June 21-25 Dartmoor Immersive  

June 26 Depart Dartmoor for Glastonbury  

June 27  

Depart Glastonbury, Arrive to London Marriott  

June 28 Depart London  

*Those doing the program at Apprenticeship level will depart London on June 30th **Please speak with Elisha before booking tickets


12 months (a year and a day)

March 2020-March 2021 (online)

Live Retreat June 2020


 12 Month payment plan available

Certification: $7,500 

Deep Support: $9,000  

Includes: Program + 13x 1:1 sessions

Apprenticeship: $12,000  

Apprenticeship level- this is for women already leading, creating, working - who are ready for feedback and intensive work on bringing their visions into higher creation  

Includes: Program + 26x 1:1 sessions, 2 additional immersive experiences, and the opportunity to assist in facilitating and leading at retreats and workshops 

Special Offers

➳ The Energy Basics Masterclass to lay your foundation. Value $197

➳ Bonus for paying in full is the Becoming Package of 4 1:1 sessions. It can be used before or after the program for your support. Value $497

Ready to Jump in?

About your Emergence Guide

Elisha Halpin is a leader, teacher, author, mentor, and speaker who weaves sacred magic and neuroscience together to open the path for women to step into the transformational changes needed to live their most glorious life. Elisha is a Wayshower, Modern-day Priestess, and a Soul Alchemist. She is a channel of the Divine Feminine and a certified Intuitive Guide.  

Elisha's work calls you to claim your birthright of radiance and live as the full authentic you. The basis of her work is Intuitive Intelligence, energy science, Neurosculpting, and somatic embodiment.  

Through the use of tools such as daily rituals, embodied practice, breathwork, journaling, connecting to divine feminine power, neuro-repatterning, and energy healing, Elisha facilitates women in a rebirthing of their wild, free, and whole Self.  

Her superpowers include being able to see both the soul truth and root wounds that a woman needs to bring into integration and the ability to facilitate that process with love, lots of laughter, and joy.