Are you ready to IGNITE the Light that you came here to be?

Do you identify as being a LIGHTWORKER?

(or maybe you really really want to but don't feel ready to claim that title just yet)

And by “Lightworker” I mean someone who feels their life is meant to be FULL of LIGHT….. purposeful, of service to the world. 

Maybe you have even uttered the prayer, “I want my life to be of service. I want to make a difference in the world. I want it to MATTER!”

And now that you have FINALLY finished that training program, project, or big transition in your life….

You are READY to take the next step on your path. 


You feel like you have not fully stepped into your own Light enough to be able to help others step into theirs. 

And as you step out into the world, everything starts to feel like TOO MUCH. Too many decisions, choices, options!

Cue the overwhelm that leaves you FROZEN in indecision and holding back from moving your work into the world and sharing your fullness.

So you are bouncing around doing course after course, and learning modality after modality…. Hoping to find that missing link where the clouds part and you know exactly how you are meant to show up and serve in this world as YOU.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you even begin taking action only to find:

➸ Your clients are bringing their issues to you, and you are doing your best to help, but internally you are wondering whether you are truly the right person to be helping them when inside YOU feel like you are in so much turmoil as well!

➸ You don't actually know what your authentic message is and so you keep changing it constantly with every course you do, ultimately confusing or missing out on those you are here to serve and leaving you frustrated!

Your energy tanks each time you step forward to serve and leaves you feeling depleted, disappointed, and questioning whether you just made things worse, and why you thought you could do this in the first place!

So you keep doing the same old job or drowning yourself in all the obligations eating up your energy until you finally admit to yourself it's because:


So no matter how many trainings you do you don't FEEL CONFIDENT!

And no matter what business or life coaches you get for support YOU STILL FEEL STUCK!

You could market yourself brilliantly and offer ALL the things, but if you feel disconnected and disembodied from who you are, your LIGHT, then it’s only going to amplify that feeling of being an imposter and the disconnect in your life. 

This is all sign that you are a Lightworker without a grounded embodied focus!

And you are not going to be able to think your way out of your imposter syndrome.

No spaghetti flinging is going to create a service that makes an IMPACT.

No fake it till you make it is going to allow you to create a life that is purposeful and satisfying.

It is time Dear One to STOP dabbling, trying, and waiting.

It is time to Embody Your Light!

Here's the TRUTH:

When you go through a partial spiritual awakening or start down the path and then quickly jump into the world to serve, teach, and lead, you aren’t yet in MASTERY.

You aren’t yet in spiritual maturity.

The path through this to mastery has to be about YOU! Your service as your medicine, which must be understood and LIVED at a deeper level.  

Because if your service is your medicine (which it is), this is not just about what you teach or offer, it is about how YOU have to live the transformation you are called to guide. This means every single aspect of your life, and every cell in your body has to come into congruency. You have to come to a deeper level of integration of your


When you truly Embody Your Light, it is the opportunity to become the clear channel of divine presence in and through your body so that your life and service are a beacon of change into the world! 

➸Embodiment itself is not a blueprint or a framework, it is a way of being that allows us to be in the truth of our energetic reality. 

Embodiment is not a set of modalities. 

Embodiment is the pathway by which we are able to return to our original innate unlimited state. 

Embodiment is what allows us to access our full soul potential as Light, in this human form. 

Embodiment provides us with access to inhabiting this essence, which is an expression of our innate eternal Light. 

When you begin to work through Embodiment you will:

💫have access to your true power so that you can create with it

💫be able to regulate your nervous system so that confidence is innate and not an act

💫have an unshakeable trust in yourself to light the way and show that light to others

It is time for Lightworkers, Intuitives, Teachers, and Creatives to STEP UP and IN!

It is time for a massive SHIFT, CHANGE, and TRANSFORMATION to support awakening humanity on a larger scale. 

You came here to be part of that AWAKENING

And you need to better equip yourself in BEING THE CHANGE

Now is the time to EMBODY YOUR LIGHT

And I would love to show you how!

Join me for my 3 month Embody Your Light group program where I will teach you to harness and channel your own energy as light so that you can truly re-source yourself and make a greater impact as you serve in the world. 

Embodying your own Light is what will finally allow you to create and live the highest vision for your life with authenticity, clarity, and fulfillment. 


Program Details

3 Month Program Runs October 4th, 2021 - January 7th, 2022

Module 1: Reclaiming Your Energetic Power

Module 2: Light Sourcing through the Nervous System

Module 3: Chakras as Portals to Embody Light

What's included in each module

Content Teaching Calls

Energy & Embodiment Practices

Practice & Deepening Sessions

Support Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group with direct access to Elisha for support and Q +A 

Private Membership Site for Lifetime Access to all Content 

PDF workbooks to deepen your personal process with the content

Suggested Sadhana Practices with PDF Support Guide and Playlists 

Practices Include:

Regulating your Nervous System: Breathwork, Movement, Toning, and Inner Sensing

Sourcing Light into the Nervous System

Central Channel Energetic Work

Opening the Light Body through the Fascia

Working with Energy Fields: Clearing, Setting, and Activating

Advanced Chakra Work

Radiant Embodiment and Energy Work

YOU are the right person for this program if:

You WANT to show up for yourself. 

You have the commitment and real gumption to dive deep into yourself.

You are ready to get REAL about what you are actually doing with your life. 

You have tried all the work from the outside in, and are ready to work from the inside out. 

You are ready for the fruits of your LIFE to match the time + energy you are willing to put in!

You are ready to initiate yourself into energy MASTERY!

Are you ready to Embody Your Light ?


$1666 USD pay in Full price

Enroll Now

Payment Plan-4 month plan = $445 USD per month


💫 Rekindling Your Light Energy Meditation

💫 December Masterclass Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of energy and light work.

This is not another course to teach you if your chakras are open or closed. This course will allow you to work with the nervous system as the conduit between the material self and the causal/energy self. This allows you to access energy as a superpower for manifesting and creating a life of service that you love.

Do I Need To Be Planning to have a Business To Do This Program?

No. You need not be an entrepreneur or business owner. You simply need to want to show up more fully in your life and in the world.

Is this a certification program?

No. You are not being certified in any process. You learning the building blocks of co-creation and do not need a certification for that. You can apply this information to any other modalities you already work with.

Do I need to have studied energy before?

Not really. As long as you are ready and willing to step into energy mastery you have everything you need. In fact tons of training might mean you are going to be in the process of un-learning to let go of trinkets and false notions that are often taught.

You will learn how to organize and manage your energy and to change your relationship to your energetic POWER. Learning to manage your energy as power is how you take your life to the next level. Becoming the best leader, teacher, guide, mom, and/or conscious citizen that you can be!

Is 1:1 support available in this program?

Not at the onset. This is designed as a group program. 1:1 integration spots may be available at the end of the group program. If you are ready for deep 1:1 work Elisha has a few spots left for Embody Your Purpose. Email to request program details if 1:1 is better to support your journey.

Is There A Refund Policy?

There is no refund for this program once we begin. If you sign-up early and change your mind prior to Oct 1st you can withdraw with no penalty minus the administrative fee of $297 USD. Once the program begins you are responsible for paying the full program fee regardless of attendance or completion of the program in the guided phase.

What makes this program different than other energy programs?

This program is at the edge of understanding the intersections of causal reality and material reality where my energy embodiment work lives. I haven’t found the program teaching and transmitting energy in this way and thus I have been called to create it from working at this exciting evolutionary edge.

In my own journey, I see where I could have continued to walk the path of Neuroscience and traditional mindfulness, staying rooted in this physical reality, and also where I could have dove off the deep end into the abyss of Woo Woo taking me so far up and out of this body that nothing could ever land in my human life. But I was born to walk this line as an integrator, an instigator, and an agitator, to marry the material and immaterial in a way that the energy can LAND to affect this 3D reality.

THIS is the path to Transfiguration-the waking up, here and now, in this body to what DIVINITY truly is. THIS is the inhabiting of the Anthropos, the “super-human” that is the birthright of humanity.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Email and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Meet Elisha

Elisha is a sacred life mentor & embodiment/energy coach who teaches leaders to embody their Essence, trust their power, know their original medicine, & learn to authentically express their truth. Elisha facilitates a rebirthing of the wild, free, and whole Self through ritual, embodied practice, breathwork, connecting to divine feminine power, neuro-repatterning, and energy healing. Elisha is the creator of the Heroine's Mystical Journey process and Radiant Soul Embodiment. In her work, Elisha has worked with 100's of women to reclaim their truth and ignite their lives.

Elisha is a Certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer & Teacher, Neurosculpting Facilitator, HeartMath Facilitator, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, Sacred Life Mentor, Celtic Spirituality Facilitator, and holds an MFA in Dance and Somatics. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology focused on Somatics.

Additionally, Elisha is the Teaching and Learning Coordinator and the creator and teacher of the Advanced Practitioner program for Embodiment at the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. She is also a tenured professor at Penn State where she is an embedded faculty member in the Arts and Design Research Incubator with her research into somatic interventions for trauma and stress.


"I put my life in Elisha's arms and she held me perfectly, just the right amount of push, and let go. Elisha doesn't just teach, she leans in herself, showing us the way along with her, we traveled this path together, I would choose no other way-shower, teacher, priestess."

Nicola Hurst - Certified Heroine's Mystical Journey Guide

"Learning from Elisha is like having your inner 150-year-old Wise Women speaking to you with love, care, and knowing, telling you what you desired to learn with every ounce of your being. It's like learning from someone who knows you at a level you didn't think was possible for another person to know what you need for the next step in your expansion. I've never trusted anyone as much as I trust her: she's fierce when I need it. She's always kind and loving in her fierceness. Knowing her has redefined integrity for me--I didn't know what was possible until she showed me."

Rose Bohn- Writer & Creatrix, participant of Embody Your Purpose


$1666 USD pay in Full price

Payment Plan-4 month plan = $445 USD per month